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Under an assumed name.

Revised Edition Oct. 2019



           Chapter One.

It's mid November 2019 & I have decided to Revise my 10 Part blogg "The greatest story never told".

Looking back over the huge volume of material it appears impossible to overlook/ignore all the strange events that took place during my 6 years of research. 

Hundreds of strange coincidences were uncovered linking The Beatles with the mysterious band Klaatu, this evidence can't be denied.

Some one was baiting me with information , whilst others wanted to silence my investigation. 

When I tried to get my story published I was warned to be careful of revealing what I had uncovered or I could end up like Lennon, "Dead."

The threat contributed to my marriage breakup and in 1986 I went "underground", living with friends and keeping a low profile.
For around 25 years I lived in the wilderness before deciding to publish my Story in Blogg form.
Now a 10 Part series featuring over 300 pages, 100 pics and around 100 videos. 

           Background Info.

 Way back in the mid 1960s, I was just a teenager when The Beatles took the world by storm and I vividly remember the push and shove outside the Sydney Sheraton Hotel in Maccleay St, Kings Cross in June 1964; myself and my younger sister Kathy managed to climb up the outside of the hotel to the 1st Floor balcony before being caught by security. 

                      I too, became just a kid with Stars in my eyes and at the tender age of 16 , myself and my older brother Graham formed our 1st pop group " The Limit"; I played the drums; Graham on guitar and a guy called Pete? on bass guitar. As a 3 piece outfit we had to work hard and develope a tight sound and within months of practicing we were out and about performing at Parties/ weddings/ fetes/ Drive in Movie concerts and dance halls across the Sydney metro area.

After around 18 months, we added a keyboard player Terry; a lead Singer ???? and a new Drummer, Bill. I moved on to become the bass guitarist.

 Within 6 months the band won the local heat of Hoadleys Battle of the Bands 1966 at Penrith High School.

 We were on our way??????

I'm on left.

Rubber Soul was the Beatles offering to the masses in 1965 and was a turning point in their recording carreer; live concerts would come to an end at Candle Stick Park, California in 1966 , where The Beatles were smartly attired in ARMY SUITS , ( which would provide connections to one of the many Beatles/Klaatu 

 Once The Beatles ceased live performances, they had time to refine their songwriting talents and sound production with the direction of their Producer/Arranger Sir George Martin. 

 "Rubber Soul" was their 1st album that featured " part of all their Souls" within the texture/matrix/spirit in the machine musical/ lyrical content.

. The 5 Magicians wove their sound to resonate with the envoronment of the times; the youth culture across the world were learning to "Tune in/ turn on and drop out". Or was that "Drop out, turn on and tune in?". " I think i was there at Woodstock but I cant remember".

 Flower Power and Love Inns were the hippie landscape; a Trip down memory lane and you are never the same.

 Reefer saneness all around, meths and speed to stop one coming down and flying higher than Jefferson Airplane.

It was a magical time for music and in the Sydney metropolitan area there existed close on 600 music venues, so work was plentiful and on a Friday and Saturday nights my band would often perform at 3-4 venues in one night; supporting great Australian bands like The Easybeats/ The Loved Ones/ The Twilights/ Normie Rowe and Johnny OKeefe to name just a few. 

The loved one's.

                          The Easybeats. 

 I was a 17/18 year old lad having the time of my life; playing the music I loved and mixing with my local heroes.

By 1969 the band burnt itself out and we all went our seperate ways .

In 1972 I moved to Hobart, fruit picking during the day and working as a solo guitarist/singer in a Hobart nightclub on weekends. 
After around 6 months I formed a 5 piece band I named "Nobodys Funeral". We played covers by Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, the Doors and the Stones. 
It was a great band and we had plenty of work. We even went to small towns, hired their local community hall and put on our own dances/concert. We made Posters and stuck them up on poles in the town a week prior to the event. We pulled a big crowd every time, though a lot of work and organization was involved.

Since the legendary English band The Beatles reportedly " broke up" in April 1970, all the music lovers of the world have been pestering the Fab Four to re-unite; to give just One last concert. The entire world regarded The Beatles as " public property" and they owed it to the world to get back together; " perhaps this is the main reason they declined a re-union concert?".

Since the mid 1970s there continues the rumour that The Beatles DID RE-UNITE" to record Five Fabulous albums under the band name KLAATU, and in 1976 I set about with my own investigations into this then mysterious band Klaatu.

 For the next 5 years of my life I gathered the evidence/ connected the connections and documented the many " strange events" that took place during my long journey.

 Soon after Klaatu released their final album Magentalane in 1981, I posted copies of my original draft of "Under an assumed name "to various individuals involved in the Beatles/Klaatu Konspiracy. 

In 1982 I recieved a mystery phone call from an "unidentified" individual who wanted to know a great deal about the "contents" of my manuscript, then titled " Under an assumed name ( the Beatles secret re-union)" and he stated that if "Klaatu were The Beatles" recording annonymously, the Beatle members could face prosecution for "Infringing Copyright laws". 

 He pressed me for what evidence I would be revealing and warned me that if i wasnt careful " I could end up like Lennon- DEAD" ..

Strangely enough, a few weeks prior to John Lennons murder in December 1980 i had recieved another mystery phone call from an "unidentified male" ( by now I was taping my phone calls for security reasons as many strange events were unfolding) who forewarned me about an individual matching Lennons killer profile who was stalking Lennon and that Lennon knew of this individual and was trying to take out a Court order against him.

 He (the caller) explained what the future killer was up to and why Lennon was trying to "silence" him. These startling revealations would certainly provide a more solid motive behind Lennons assassination. More on this later in my blogg. 

In 1984 I stopped pursueing the publication of my manuscript in fear of my life and in 1986 when my marriage broke up, I basically " went underground" and lived with friends and worked a normal day job under my birth name .

I was fighting for my survival after a very emotional divorce and it took quite a number of years before I recovered from the train wreck.

Many years were spent in the wilderness and in 2008 I finally got the opportunity to fullfil one of my lifelong dreams; the chance to write/ record and produce an album of original songs in my own 24 track Home studio. 

And so the UTAALK STUDIO was created and over a 12 month period my 1st album " Stop the world" was created. 
Here's a song from that first album ;

            Stop the world.

After so many vears in the wilderness, I went out and bought some musical instruments and recording equipment and started from scratch.
I play guitar, bass, keyboards, bongos and tambourine. I write the songs and sing all the vocals.

. For a novice, these first Utaalk recordings are classics and showcased the future potential of my recordings; I was on a learning curve. Between 2008 and 2012 I recorded around 40 songs and produced 2 other albums titled " Listen" and "I am here". 

Through the internet my music has been heard by Millions around the world and Utaalks fans continue to grow daily. I may be a poor man and prefer to offer my creations to the world for Free; I am NOT chasing Fame or Fortune. I am happy to know that my music is being heard and appreciated; that's all that matters to me .
Soon I hope to return to Recording all the tunes running around in my head, but first I have this mammoth task of telling my story


" If the four ex-Beatles decided to get back together as a band, then much evidence can be found to verify the possibility that it may have become a reality. 

"How would they go about a re-union without anyone finding out"? That is the $64 question. 

Throughout my investigation, I kept asking myself "Why would they even consider indulging in such a Konspiracy?" 

As my investigation evolved, many questions were posed and many answers surfaced, no stone ( or Beatle) was left unturned.
 Like the "Paul is Dead" rumour of the mid 60s, clues on album covers and song lyrics were so overwhelming that one has to question the lyric " he blew his mind out in a car".

At a Press Conference in Feb 64, John Lennon was asked 
" How do you account for your phenomenal success?", to which he replied; 
"If we knew, WE WOULD FORM ANOTHER GROUP and be managers". 

This simple candid statement would 16 years later become the starting point of the worlds biggest hoax since the radio broadcast of "War of the Worlds" back in 39.

 In November 73, Paul made the statement "It was only the other 3 ex-beatles attachment to their new manager Allan Klein that prevented him getting together with the others. Now that the other three were sueing Klein, he thought that there could be a Beatles re-union". 

Paul went on to declare "All for ex-Beatles could be working together again, though NOT NECCESSARILY UNDER THE NAME "THE BEATLES". 

Paul has often made similiar statements regarding re-union possibilities, which suggests that he has often given the idea some serious thought.

After The Beatles released their "Abbey Road" album, Paul propsed that "the group should play live concerts before small audiences. Pauls idea was that The Beatles would be billed "Under an assumed name" and that they would simply show up and play.

 John then turned around and told a stunned McCartney that he wanted a divorce from The Beatles.

 After a short heated debate, ALL FOUR BEATLES agreed to the idea that nobody should know the group was finished and that Johns divorce from the group would be kept out of the papers. 

Eight months later, behind Johns back, Paul announced to the Press that HE was leaving the Beatles.

Later on in this story, I shall be taking a look at the suggestion that The Beatles NEVER really broke up but simply changed their Name and that their reported split in 1970 was a HOAX devised by Allan Klein to boost THE BEATLES falling record sales.

The first question that must come to the readers mind must be "Why would the four ex-Beatles even consider inventing such a Konspiracy/hoax?".

 Well, there are a number of reasons; for example: (1) For the sheer fun of it and to fool the whole world".
 (2) As revenge, because they were vastly ripped off and robbed blind by their record lable/ the music industry; especially during the Apple years. (3) To regain their lost wealth. and 
(4) To continue making good music as a group under their new "secret" band name, without the pressure from the public to deliver quality Beatle songs.

 They wanted to evolve as a band and to regain control of their new creations. The Sun Kings had evolved into Cosmic Beings and as a band they had something NEW to sing about, a New Age was dawning on Planet Earth and the time was right for the return of KLAATU.

 The Chariots of the Gods sailed accross the heavens: the exploration of space turned our faces skyward, the 60s turned the world on and a new Collective Consciousness had evolved.

In 1951 Klaatu arrived in a silver spaceship in the Science Fiction film classic "The Day the Earth stood still" and in 1973 he returned to sing about "Hanus of Uranus" and "Sub rosa subway"; which was the first Single released by the mysterious unidentified band KLAATU in 1973 on GRT Records of Canada.

The first time I heard of the band KLAATU came in the form of a newspaper article published in The Sunday Telegraph on March 20th, 1977, with the Headline reading 


"A new rock album called KLAATU has sent rumours echoing through the record industry that THE BEATLES ARE BACK TOGETHER and performing annonymously. 

Critics say KLAATU is so professional and original that iit must have come from top musicians. The UNIDENTIFIED FOUR MAN GROUP produced and composed the albums eight songs and performs them exactly Beatle style.

 Critics swear that the drummer is Ringo Starr and they suspect that the vocals are primarily by Paul McCartney. They say the guitar work is almost identical to that of George Harrison and John Lennon.

Spokesman for Capitol Records, which released the album without fanfare insist THEY HAVE NO INFORMATION at all about the recording stars. But they say that the PRODUCTION of the album must have cost a small fortune and the musicians ARE CLEARLY INDEPENDANTLY WEALTHY. 

Mr Frank Davies, a Canadian Record company executive who is listed as the groups Manager, would NOT solve the mystery, but he said "THE SONGS CONTAINED MANY CLUES TO THE PERFORMERS IDENTITIES".

One of the tracks contains a " morse code message that translate to read STARSHIP APPLE; a possible reference to The Beatles company APPLE CORPS? 

Some say the title "Sub Rosa Subway" is a reference to the Wings album "Red Rose Speedway" which surfaced around the same time? 

Many American critics believe the album is the "missing Beatles" album that was supposed to be released after their Magical Mystery Tour album. 
This "missing" album was withdrawn from release only two weeks before its schedualled release date was called "SUN" and was said to feature a bright YELLOW SUN-( a feature of the Klaatu album cover).


"The group wants to be known strictly for their music and not for who they are" Mr Davies said.

The four ex-Beatles deny their INVOLVEMENT and refuse to discuss the album. The writer of this article, a MR STEVE SMITH, found significance in the miss spelling of one of the songs, " SIR BODSWORTH RUGGLESBY 111 on the album cover. It is printed as "RUBBLESBY" - Rubble meaning QUARRYING. Before the Beatles were known as THE BEATLES, they were known as THE QUARRYMEN."
After reading the article, I immediately ran out and bought the album and I wasnt disapointed and there was NO DENYING that the songs sounded uncannily like THE BEATLES


My journey took me down many long and winding roads; through Penny and Magenta lanes; into Tokemor and Strawberry Fields: and I asked myself who was "The Fool on the Hill"? 

At the time, I was a Freelance Independant Investigative Journalist/Writer and I was making headways into the marketplace; I was writing artcles for various Australian and Overseas publications; appearing as a Celebrity Guest on various Top Australian Television programs; as well as giving Radio Interviews and contributing material to a special Double J RADIO special on ufos.
I was working in all areas of the media between 76 - 86.

  Below is my article "The garden of Eden" which received front page coverage and covered nearly 3 pages.

I was a Celebrity in my own Lunchtime and my "15 MINUTES OF FAME" was ticking away. 

Between 1977 and 1984 I spent almost every spare moment listening to all the recordings of KLAATU / THE BEATLES and the ex-Beatles Solo recordings; reading everything I could get my hands on relating to either THE BEATLES or KLAATU.

 Biographies on Lennon/ McCartney/ Harrison and Starr were all investigated thouroughly for "clues", "Connections" or "Coincidences". Lyrics and song tiles were explored and all in all, many, many strange co-incidences and pieces of the jigsaw began to take shape.
Remember there was no internet and smart phones. I lived at my library, typed letters and only had a home landline phone.

 Musical arrangments and sound production were compared with The Beatles and Klaatu recordings and recording locations uncovered. Recording dates and studios were tracked as a Timeline; the whereabouts of individuals were traced and noted. 

I must have drove my wife away with my Beatles/Klaatu Konspiracy rambling; though I do suspect that some of the strange "cloak and dagger" antics/events frightened her a great deal?
 I believed i was onto THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD and believed that my efforts/work would one day show some rewards.

 I guess that when the "phone threats/warnings" took place, we were both alarmed and fearfull of continuing with the project. 

I felt dejected, 5 years of investigations and over 600 pages of the 1st draft of my manuscript "Under an assumed name" sat alone on the shelf gathering dust. 
Once my marriage broke up soon after, I broke down and walked away, off into the wilderness.

 Fearful of having my manuscript mysteriously go missing or getting stolen, I had a number of copies made up and placed them in various "safe houses". 

During my investigation,my residence was broken into and pieces of recorded evidence were stolen; luckily i still had transcripts of these recordings hidden away. 

For a story that had NO TRUTH to it, it seemed that there existed individuals who "DIDNT" want any of my findings published.?

"ripp off, ripp off, thats the name of the game".

As stated earlier, one of the reason why i believe the ex-Beatles secretly reformed under the KLAATU name, is because they were vastly ripped off as artists. The Beatles first recording contract with EMI paid them ONE PENNY for every Single sold and Sixpence for every album sold. For all their vast Overseas sales they recieved THREE PENCE for every album sold and HALF A PENNY for each Single sold

. Their albums sold in the Millions and the creators of the songs recieved a pittance. 

Once George was asked "What does it feel like to be a Millionaire?" to which he replied " He wasnt, but the Queen was".

 The poor lads busted their balls for a decade and it was the British Tax dept and the Queen whom reaped all the benefits. George would later express his opinions on his excellent song "Taxman" from the Revolver album.


In 1969, the Beatles new manager Allen Klein re-negoitiated their contract with EMI, which gave The Beatles 25% of the wholesale price from all American album and Single sales. Its almost hard to imagine but The Beatles are responsible for over a total worldwide album sales of 100 million and 100million Singles across 220 countries.

 Even with these incredible record sales figures, its believed that The Beatles manager Brian Epstein only made the BEATLES $7 million during the whole time he was their manager.

 During the first year of management by Allen Klien, The Beatles made a staggering $18million dollars or 9 Million pounds; which clearly shows that up to 1969, they were ripped off and robbed blind by the multi-national record companies. 

Their new EMI contract in 1969 was for 7 years, during which time they had to furnish EMI with 14 albums, either as a group or as Solo artists. Fourteen albums over 7 years is a damn heavy workload and they eventually failed to fulfill their contract. Between 69 - 72 they recieved 58cents for each album sold and between 72-76 this increased to 72 cents per album sold.

In 1969, the Beatles own record company APPLE CORPS was declared to be in financial trouble and to help save the company Apple became a Public Company and so began the fight by various outside companies to gain control of the Beatles wealth. 

The Apple Corps holdings were placed on the Stock Market, this permitted anyone to buy shares in the company and whoever owned the most shares controlled the empire. 

Before Apple was declared Bankrupt, each of the Beatles owned 25% of Apple Corps. Apart from the Apple holdings, the Beatles owned two other companies, being "Subafilms" and "Macleans Music". 

Subafilms was 76% owned by Apple Corps. Subafilms owned the film copyrights to the Beatles animated film "Yellow Submarine". Subafilms and submarines, subspace machines and sub rose subway contain many Beatles/Klaatu connections, which include film animation by both parties.
 Compare some of the animation from The Beatles Yellow Submarine film to the Klaatu animated video "Routine Day", the similarities are amazing.

 Klaatu did part produce an animated film titled "Happy New Year Planet Earth" which was produced by the same individual who created the animated video clip of "Seaside Woman" by Linda McCartney; strange connections.


Macleans Music was 20% owned by Apple Corps, whilst Lennon and McCartney owned 40% of the company each. 

You may be asking yourself " why is all this information relevant to the Beatles/Klaatu Konnection"?. The ownership of these companies have direct links to the Music copyright of songs composed by the members of Klaatu, as you will discover in detail as this tome evolves.

And so the stage is set and the arrival of Klaatu on the 1st April at 3.47 EST would once again cause "the Earth to stand still".

 KLAATU would once again cause Mankind to stand up and listen; REALLY LISTEN to what they had to say; yeah, yeah, yeah.



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